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Giant Anteater

It was a beautiful morning in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil and especially so for Anita the Giant Anteata.  She was just waking up on the day after her cub had headed off on its own.  Now she only had to fend for herself and would be able to take more time off during the day to do fun stuff.  But first, breakfast.


Monk Parakeet

“Lorito!  It’s time to feed your baby sister,” squawked Lora, Lorito’s mother.

“I can feed myself now mom.  I’m not a baby anymore.” asserted Lorita, Lorito’s sister.

“Awesome, if Lorita can feed herself now, then I can make my journey to the great city,” reckoned Lorito.

Lorito had been waiting for some time now for his chance to venture out of the small duplex he’d grown up in and explore the parrot world.  The most fascinating stories he’d heard were of the great parrot city.  This city was home to hundreds of parrots all living together in a giant nest of apartments enveloping almost an entire eucalyptus tree.  This city was however out of his feeding boundary and still only an image of splendour within his mind.



“Ahh, I’m hungry.  It must be time to get up.  Yep, I can see light at the end of my burrow.”

It’s early morning in central Uruguay and it seems to have the makings of a fine autumn day.  The sun is beginning to break the chill of the night and the early birds have already feasted upon their worms.  The countryside is reminiscent of a yin-yang with the eastern sunlit slopes contrasting the shadows of the west.  Shades of green and beige are intertwined in forest and field stretching as far as the eye can see.  Well, the human eye that is.  As far as our hero can see, would not be nearly as far due to the fact that his head lies only about five centimetres from the ground and his eyesight is so bad that he’s thinking about getting glasses.


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