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A Day in the Life – Europe

Pitter, patter, pitter, patter. We hate waking up to the sound of rain pelting our home, a two and a half man tent decorated with graffiti and an alien waving the peace sign with both hands. This morning is going to be a slow one so we stretch out a little and discuss our plans for the day. When it rains in the morning like this we always take it slow in the hopes that the sun will come out before we pack up. It doesn't seem to be stopping so we make a dash out to answer nature's call and grab the breakfast that we bought last night. Yum, we love starting our day with yoghurt, muesli and a fresh banana. Well, there's no putting it off any longer so we pack up our stuff wet and strap it to the bikes. On the upside, we're not being attacked by millions of tiny insects like we were in Sweden.