Together by the Stove

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September 10, 2014 by

Mighty Columbia


Pinhead sized raindrops fall in numbers, attempting to imitate fog

Green needled giants with red bark stand at attention and point at the sky

The odd deciduous turns yellow as though in fear of the impending cold

They are dwarfed by valley walls which are sealed above by oppressive clouds

Mighty Columbia drops an ice cold tongue, coloured from the cleanest blue to the dirtiest grey, to lick the valley floor

It drools crystal clear water and spits moraine


The wood makes the same sound being split by fire or by axe

We face eachother on a bench by the stove

We alternate sides attempting to maintain a balance between the side feeling the heat of the stove and the other being chilled by the mountain breeze

Our hot side like the heat of summer and our cold side like the chill of winter

The seasons change in us as they do outside

Each season returning to itself in the course of time

White streaks through dark night-sky-hair to slowly become the meteor shower that awaits us

2 responses to “Together by the Stove”

  1. Larry Croome says:

    Congrats. Nice to see people into big dreams and go get them.

    Have you met Colin and Julie Angus? You guys would get along. They human powered around the world including rowing pacific and Atlantic oceans.

    I have persued many of my dreams and still do at 56.

  2. Just saw your interview on Global – what a cool life you lead! I am sure you could teach the rest of the world a thing or two about what is really important

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