1   Balance Done solely with the Mosquito and vocals.  recorded in Islamabad, Pakistan
2   Agra-Azan (See photo 036, Pakistan and India) The Azan is a call to prayer emanating from a mosque at five specific times of the day.  recorded in Agra, India
3   Bats Going Crazy In Cairns These bats are also called flying foxes and were hanging out in a tree by the hundreds.  recorded at dusk in Cairns, Australia
4   Busker Roadside Jam (See photo 075, Pakistan and India) recorded between McLeod Ganj and Bhagsu, India
5   Cicada Singing In Yunnan Cicadas are large flying insects that are found in the trees.  They can have slightly different songs depending on the region of the world.  recorded in Yunnan, China
6   Kashgar Uigur Wedding We heard this music being played in the early hours of the morning and followed the sound to an invitation to a traditional Uigur wedding.  The Uigur people are the inhabitants of the land in the far west of China.  recorded in Kashgar, China
7   Kookaburra Laughing The kookaburra is the largest of all kingfisher birds and is common around Australia.  recorded in Queensland, Australia
8   Labrang Monks Tibetan Bhuddist Chant (See photo 022-025, China and South East Asia) We attended an English guided tour of the Labrang monastery, the second largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery, after the one in Lhasa, Tibet.  recorded in Xiahe, China
9   Musharf Ali Live In Lahore We were treated to a performance while staying at the Regale Internet Inn.  recorded in Lahore, Pakistan
10   Qwali Lahore (See photo 021, Pakistan and India) Qwali is a Sufi Muslim devotional music and every week there is a session for Qwali artists held in Lahore.  recorded in Lahore, Pakistan
11   Sufi Night Jamming Lahore (See photo 022, Pakistan and India) “Sufi Night” is another kind of devotional gathering for Sufi Muslims.  recorded in Lahore, Pakistan
12   Adelaide Jam Stu on the slide guitar and Peter on the mosquito.  recorded in Adelaide, Australia
13   Raro Church Devotional singing in the local language.  recorded in Rarotonga, Cook Islands
14   The Final Push Peter & the Mosquito recorded at the Musicasa in San Isidro, Costa Rica
15   Floating Peter & the Mosquito