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Hmph, look at those horses shivering in the morning chill.  Fancy being up at four thousand metres above sea level and not having a coat to wear, thought Luisa the Llama.  Good thing I’ve got this thick coat of wool on.

 It’s nearly light out and the humans will be here soon so I’d better get up and stretch my legs to get ready for the day’s walk.  Look at all these slackers still lying down.



Taco the toucan took his tail off his head and opened his sleepy eyes to reveal a beautiful, blue, sunlit morning sky over the Bolivian Pantanal.  Next to him lay his wife, Salsa, still asleep and looking quite serene in the tree hollow that serves as their humble home.  Taco’s stomach was grumbling and he didn’t want to eat without Salsa so he decided to wake her up with a little noise.


Giant Anteater

It was a beautiful morning in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil and especially so for Anita the Giant Anteata.  She was just waking up on the day after her cub had headed off on its own.  Now she only had to fend for herself and would be able to take more time off during the day to do fun stuff.  But first, breakfast.


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