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Southward Storytelling

“Hey Shahla, where are we?”

“I don’t know, I don’t recognize this place.”

“Hey look! There’s someone coming towards us."

“Let’s talk to him"

“Who are you?”

“I’m the storyteller.”

“Where are we?”

“You’re in Storyland and this is your story.


Back to Bikes

After so many miles on public transport, we are finally back to our favourite mode of transportation – bicycles!  Instead of building them, this time we purchased them from a bike shop.  Bright, shiny and new.  It wasn't easy finding our new road companions.  In the streets of Islamabad, we saw no bicycles that we were willing to adopt.  All had some fatal flaw that we could not accept. 


Unexpected China

We were going into China with visions of a machine-like suppressed society that we would in no way enjoy mingling in. This picture came to us from a long onslaught of travellers’ stories depicting a land of uncouth, unfriendly and unhelpful people. We also had the idea of a single propaganda fuelled communist culture encompassing the whole of the country. However, our low expectations made for a pleasant surprise and proved that everyone’s experiences are paramount in forming their judgements…


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