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A Year in the Life – New Zealand

Alright, so we’ve written “a day in the life”, now we’ll try to summarize an entire year.

The first thing we’ll mention is our working period.  We set ourselves up in Auckland with a small room in a house in a nice quiet part of the city.  This time had all the makings of the ho-hum daily grind except for some special events.  Of these events there is only one that we really need to talk about and that is the Rugby World Cup.  Rugby is a game that Polynesians have a real passion for.  Whether they’re sitting in the stands, on a bar stool or running up the field, they’re putting their heart and soul into the game.  The


Leaving, Searching, Hoping


Ahead of us lies the unknown

The flatline horizon betrays

The beating heart of the ocean

Each beat causing a swell

Each swell causing us to sway

Out in the open, enclosed in the womb


A Moment in Manase

From the diary of Shahla Nygaard – 29/1/12 – Manase, Savaii, Samoa

I am sitting in a chair on the front porch of a beach fale made of wood and closed in by mats of woven coconut leaves.  On the small table in front of me there is a bottle of Lima Lima – a spirited paoa blend of 55% that tastes intensely of pineapple and coconut, a handfan and the monocular.  One of my shirts, that I use for snorkelling without sunscreen, and my snorkel are (more…)

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