Leaving, Searching, Hoping

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April 13, 2012 by


Ahead of us lies the unknown

The flatline horizon betrays

The beating heart of the ocean

Each beat causing a swell

Each swell causing us to sway

Out in the open, enclosed in the womb

Umbilically linked to our mother

Daily we reminisce of the island we left behind

The families that will live without us

The paths we will never walk again

We try to keep our thoughts on new paths

On stepping in the footprints of our ancestors

But darkness falls and fear reigns over us

Shrouding hope in a veil of obscurity

Will we fall into non-existence

Will we wish our existence to end

Damnable transient emotions

Ever dispelling our confidence

In the gloom hangs a twinkle of hope

Our hearts mirrored by the sky

Opening and showing us the way

A timeless voyage into our island universe

One response to “Leaving, Searching, Hoping”

  1. Debra Luciano says:

    Dearest Peter & Shahla,
    As my heart pounds outside of my chest- I look up to the great sky, the only thing we share in this moment, I marvel in admiration at how strong you both are- not at the physical accomplishments, but the emotional expressionalism of your lessons. I love you both. Debb XOXOX

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