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A Day in the Life – West Africa

Beep beep beep.  We hear the alarm and wake up in the darkness.  We love this time.  It is the coolest part of the day and we feel able to eat and begin riding.  It's still dark but we hear people walking through the dry bracken as we pack up the tent and prepare to eat breakfast.  A man rides through on a very squeaky bicycle and we smile and wave as he passes.  We wash our peanut butter and banana jam sandwiches down with an instant cafe au lait made from nescafe and powdered milk.  The mangoes we bought yesterday are perfectly ripe and taste a little like pineapples.  Mangoes are a regular in our diet and although we could just pick as many as we can handle right from the trees, we prefer to spend the few pennies and buy them from the locals.  After consulting the map and digesting for a bit, we push Franky to the road and ride.