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November 25, 2007 by

We rode Franky from Dakar, Senegal to Cape Coast, Ghana.  The road was long and took us through some of our most trying times yet.  It was the first time we had thoughts of giving up travel and returning to Canada and to a more stable lifestyle.  The most difficult thing we faced was the heat.  Fifty degrees of blistering sun from above, reflecting off the road beneath us and a breeze that felt like it was coming from a tiger torch. 

Eating became difficult and we couldn't sleep at night.  Our energy levels were definitely at an all time low.  Ice became our most prized possession and we felt ourselves slipping into delusions of snowstorms and snow-ball fights.  The temperature began to drop by a few degrees and we felt our appetites returning.  We set the goal of making it to Cape Coast, Ghana and we were determined to get there.  But on arrival we realized that travel with Franky would be too slow to get us across the continent for a planned meeting with family in Egypt.  Franky was an excellent way to travel in Africa and we hope to recreate a similar machine in the future.  Franky was created in Africa and will stay in Africa.  From here we go overland using public transport and for the first little while we will be travelling along side our friend, Martin .  You guessed it, the adventure still continues…

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