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Monk Parakeet

“Lorito!  It’s time to feed your baby sister,” squawked Lora, Lorito’s mother.

“I can feed myself now mom.  I’m not a baby anymore.” asserted Lorita, Lorito’s sister.

“Awesome, if Lorita can feed herself now, then I can make my journey to the great city,” reckoned Lorito.

Lorito had been waiting for some time now for his chance to venture out of the small duplex he’d grown up in and explore the parrot world.  The most fascinating stories he’d heard were of the great parrot city.  This city was home to hundreds of parrots all living together in a giant nest of apartments enveloping almost an entire eucalyptus tree.  This city was however out of his feeding boundary and still only an image of splendour within his mind.