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Addressing Ourselves

us at Choquequirao

Dear Peter and Shahla,

                You are about to embark on a journey of discovery and we were hoping you’d receive this letter before you depart.

                At the moment your eyes are only open a sliver but they will begin to open more as your journey unfolds.  At first the new light will seem strange but as your eyes adjust, your perspective will broaden.  There are more colours in the world than you’d ever imagined and for every colour you will discover a thousand shades.  These are the shades of humanity.  They will shine brightly at times and dim into darkness at others.  But don’t be afraid; you only fill the darkness with what’s inside of you.  Empty yourselves and stumble forward into the darkness.


Reminiscing Riders

70 Mexico

As you have read in previous posts, we’ve had many special encounters riding our bicycles throughout the world.  We’ve also had a lot of fun writing about them for you.  The stories we write are an attempt to broaden our writing skills while seeking out the style that will evolve into our own.  For this entry we’ve decided to write in the style used by the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato.  It is a dialogue between the culturequest team (Peter and Shahla – us).  It takes place shortly after crossing into the USA from Mexico.



Travelling In Seven Directions

The Equator









Act I

Scene I

On one side of the stage (separate from the main stage and main curtain) two stationary bicycles are set up. Peter and Shahla are pedalling facing the audience. Meanwhile someone walks on stage with a sign saying SOUTH. The curtain closes on the corner and the main curtain opens.



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